Who’s Napiers?

Napiers Beard Club

Napiers has been growing a lot longer than your beard. We’re an independent company with humble beginnings dating back to 1860 – when beards were serious beards sported by inventors, explorers and men of action.

Napiers began in the Victorian era in Edinburgh. Our founder, Duncan Napier was born a foundling in 1843 and brought up by an innkeeper and his wife. From the age of 9, he worked as an apprentice in a bakery, and the flour dust caused him to develop a permanent irritating cough. He left home at 15 and inspired by a kindly mentor, John Hope, started to attend Scientific Botany classes and later joined the Edinburgh Botanical Society developing his love of nature.

Looking for a cure for his cough, he became interested in herbal medicine and created his famed Lobelia Cough Syrup. The result was so successful that it inspired him open a shop to make herbal remedies available for the people of Edinburgh. It opened on 25 May 1860.

Old_Photograph_Duncan_Napier_Edinburgh_ScotlandYes: Duncan had a great beard too!

Duncan was a hero of his time and nowadays, we supply his herbal remedies to people the world over. And plenty of beard stuff too. Duncan Napier was one of the original hipsters of his time and in his later years he sported an enormous beard.

Since our first shop opened 156 years ago, we’ve come a long way and still run clinics where we help men and women with their health. We’ve gained a lot of knowledge over the centuries about beard care too. Today, we still use Duncan’s original formulas to help you grow your best beard. So whether you’re an explorer, a mad scientist or just a plain old lumberjack, you’ll stand out from the crowd.