How it Works

Beard Basics
1. We want to make sure that other hirsute gentlemen always keep their beards in top notch condition. Join our Beard Club for a pound a month (plus postage) and we’ll send you a 10ml bottle of Beard Oil with a pipette every month. We’ll also send news, tips and beard-related information.
Napiers Beard Club
2. Once you have added the 10ml oil to your subscription, you’ll be given the chance to add other useful products, like shampoo or wax – all natural of course. Add these or skip – you always have the choice – go to the payment page and fill in your details.
Beard Extras
3. We’ll send out your precious package every month. You are free to cancel or upgrade your subscription whenever you wish. But we’ve been making these fabulous products since 1860 and we know that, once you’ve known real quality, you’ll want to be a lifelong member!
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Napiers Beard Club

Welcome to Our Exclusive Club

Napiers Beard Club